One of the disadvantages of moving my computer out of my bedroom is I
can’t just roll over and record wierd dreams that I have. I’ll do my

I was living near my parents house, I remember thinking about how I’d
lived in 4 places all withing 4 doors of each other… Illiad had had
a package sent to my place for some reason (a Dust/Crud Puppy doormat
rolled up)… awk, a dream with Illiad in it! Tiggersol was there
too… we had to take some sort of a test from the people running the
place where I was staying… a linux test of some sort. I thought I
aced it and ended up with 2 out of 10! I don’t remember exactly what
the questions were but they were tricky. I answered questions about
Linus Torvalds with “doesn’t code well on NT” when the correct answer
was “inventor of Linux” or something… weird questions…. There was
something about playing Ultimate Doom too, that and Q3.

Very weird.

Comdex yesturday was great for the company but sucked for me
personally… my feet and back were absolutely killing me. I felt
like crap and ended up puking on the way home (luckily LIMOS pulled
over to the side!). An hour long bath and bed at 10:30 however let me
feel a lot better. Hell, when the alarm rang at 6:40 this morning I
felt good! When I got up at 7:30 I was almost as good
(seeing as I actually had to get up at that point).
Now it’s time for day 2. Hopefully it’ll go better for me. Must run
to get dressed now to fight my way through the half foot of snow to
get picked up by Da Boss.

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