Nothing like a 14 hour work day to make you feel alive 🙂

First of all, appolagies to my friends and fans who have been wondering where
the hell I’ve been. Work has been busy, hell, life in general has been
extremely busy the last little while, and I haven’t had the time to even hop
online for very long. The new place is taking time, organizing things here
and there (I still have a bunch of stuff to get from my parents place
(including a plant! whoho!))… and I still have a couple of boxes and the top
of a desk still packed and unorganized (well, beyond the ‘I can live without
this for the next while’ thing).

Things at work are going well… gearing up for Comdex next week (if you’re in
the Vancouver area head down and look for NetMaster in the Linux pavillion eh?) and
doing support. Support and installs have been the bane of our existance the
last two weeks… everything taking longer than it should and acting weirder
than it should. Had a box blow up and not boot… hell, not do
anything… brought it back to the office and swapped things
around, and ended up that it worked fine. Or seemed to. I could have slipped
onto another plane of existance for a bit or something.

Today and yesturday when not doing installs or coding (I got to code tonight!
that’s why I stayed late… coding coding coding, not dealing with Mike or
Henry or any of the people I don’t like talking to about support) I was
watching a box that would lock up randomly for no reason at all. But only during the
day. Argh.

So what else has been going on? Well, I ran out of clothes today and was
forced to do laundry when I got home at 11:30. While getting the last load I
was accosted by some old (70) drunken (2 “Wildcat” cans in his hand) guy who
told me his life story and asked me about mine when all I wanted to do is get
my laundry so I could go to bed and sleeeeeeep!

Yesturday I got a new desk. Well, not really. A buddy of mine (EsoBOFH)
snagged the old desks we had at the board and offered
me one. So with A’s help and huge truck we got it back here in one piece.

Only one problem…. it’s facing the wrong way. That is, the long part of the
“L” of it is on the wrong side. It should be on the side against the
wall, with the short side sticking out into the living room a bit so that I
can have it set there so I can watch TV and work on the computer at the same
time. But the long part of the “L” is on that side… so it’s either face the
wall (instead of the window/tv) of lose a chunk of living room. After
realizing that if I really wanted to I could turn my entire house into a Coke appreciation shrine if I wanted, I gave up
the living room chunk. Hell, I even took my old desk to make a U (and place
for the other computer) for my…. Computer Command Center 🙂

I’m wondering where I had the keyboard before on here… I’m at a wierd angle
due to moniter angle and desk height and stuff. I’ll work it out though.

With my mouse hand wrapped around and with the elbow on something my Quake
game is off too 🙁

Much more to say, too tired at the moment though. I’ll get pics RSN of all
the new stuff 🙂