The first dream in a while. And a doozie too, which I’ll share now (6:22am)
before I forget.

Eary morning on a workday. For some reason I decide that I can make it to a
star trek / anime / sci fi convention before work in maple ridge. So instead
of going 30 min east to work I go 30 min west and think I can make it back in
time. I get to the place (farmers market in maple ridge) and get in there to
find it hasn’t started yet. The janitor (a girl I think I recognized from
high school (her face is pictured in my head but I can’t think of a name))
tells me that things don’t start till later (the hours are something like 3pm
to 10pm or something weird like that). So I make a phone call or something
and then head out, either to go to work or to just wait.

Now here is where it gets shakey. I see or encounter or something, some sort
of crime. 2 young perpetrators. A police officer is called in (that’s it,
they are in a car racing around like mad men and I am in mine, watching them
and then watching the cop car give chase). Finally the cop car has them and
gets them cornered. Me and some other random passer-by watch on. I ask the
guy “should we help” and he waffles maybe yes, maybe no. Finally I call to
the cop “do you need any help” and he says sure. He has only 1 gun and
handcuffs and there are two kids. Me and the guy (and I think a couple of
others but I’m not sure) go over to help.

The cop goes to get back up or something and I take one of the guys and watch
him. As luck will have it he decides that getting away would be a good thing.
I manage to stop him and wrestle him to the ground a couple of times and keep
him down while he struggles (yay for me and going to the gym). By now there
are people around watching I think. Finally (and it seemed like a long time)
the cop comes back and takes his sweetass time getting cuffs on these guys, or
at least taking them away. After they are out of our hands we are
congratulated and thanked by the cop, and told that we’ll more than likely get
a bit part (with superimposed backgrounds) on TV (on a cop show or something I
guess). I’m thinking this one comes from the virtual tip of the hat on the static today. I remember one
lady saying she recognized me from userfriendly and asking me what part do I
play (since I’m not “visible” or something) and I tell her.

At this point we go out and start heading back. To get back out from where we
are going (and the entire time I’m worried about the cop losing the guy I had)
we have to cut through an Eatons. We go through it and on the ground floor
there is a hot tub with 2 sections, separated by a tunnel like thingy and a
wet floor. Go figure I slip and fall flat on my face in the water and do my
best to make a joke about “I’m going to sue eatons!” after getting my shirt
wet (but not overly wet (this is a detail I noticed ok, so let it go! šŸ˜› )).
Out at the car I think we say our goodbyes and final congrats and I start to
head off. For some reason now I’m munching on a bbq chicken???? I notice in
my car is a cell phone that belongs to Cyranth’s friend Dirty D and I give
this to cyranth (no idea when he showed up or why) and make a phone call into
work as it’s now 11:57 and I’m now half a day late. The boss is like “thanks
for calling in” (“you little rat bastard I think is implied in his tone of
voice”). And then guilt trips me about everything that I haven’t done (work,
support, everything he’s had to do) and asks me when I’m coming in and why. I
make some excuse about just having to pop into town before work (which is sort
of true, it just was a town 30 min further away!) and tell him that I have a
good excuse involving the cops, criminals etc. He doesn’t seem to care and
just tells me to get my ass into work. I start in, still munching on the
chicken and hope I can get there in only 40 min and not the 60 I should take
to get from where I am to where I’m going.

I think at this point I woke up and looked at the time, scared out of my mind
I was late for work. A groggy bit later I realized that it is indeed a
Saturday. This is why at 6:41am I am up and writing this in bad english and
poor spelling. On a saturday.

I’m going back to sleep now.