Wow, it’s amazing how almost-alive you can feel at 7:00am after 8-9 hours of
sleep! Going to bed right after X-Files last night was a great idea. I even
had a chance to read some of the Civ:CTP book and learn about disbanding
units! X-Files by the way, was great. In a 150th episode special the episode
was X-Files meets Cops. Very well done. It was quite hilarious to hear
Mulder say things like “he just said [beeep], do you really think this is
live?” and “and we’re on national tv officer so cowboy the [beeep] up!”

I had another dream last night that I remember too (must be the excess sleep
that brings it on). I don’t remember a lot of the details, but I went to a
movie called “how to play the piano” (for some reason I thought it had
something to do with playing the guitar (which guitar dude hasn’t call me back
about yet btw (no, not Yohimbe, the other one))) at some theatre somewhere.
We had to come down a service elevator from the carpark, I remember that…
After some confusion from the doorman the guy sent me to the right place.
After sitting down, whomever I was there with was struck in the neck by a
vampire spittle infected dart. To make a long and (I’m sure already) boring
story short, the people in the theatre were under attack from vampires with
blowguns. I spent a fair amount of time with my collar pulled as high as it
would go and looking around for these creatures which I never saw. I’m not
sure exactly how many of the theatre patrons were infected by this long
distance form of biting, but something happened eventually that saved us (or
maybe just me). No idea what though. I had a fun time trying to find the
right service elevator to get back to the car though.

Mom and Dad are back from holidays (again) yay!

And today is 2 for 1 mocha monday! Yay!

These good things all lead me to belive that today is going to really really
really suck for some reason. I’m hoping not though, I don’t think I could
handle it somehow 🙂