Today I do have some things to say.

First of all, oracle can kiss my ass.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind putting in extra time to get things going.
However, sitting around and installing a copy of some POS database that
segfaults on me no matter what I do is not exactly my first definiton of fun.
Nor second.

Speaking of things that aren’t my first or second definition of fun, bending
over and spreading my cheeks for the oil cartel or whoever the fuck they are
isn’t up there either. I’m sure that “flucuating oil prices” or whatever line
the gas companies feed the high school weenies working midnight shift might
work on some loosers, but personally an overnight $0.11 to $0.14 jump is my
idea of the “pick a number, any number” meathod of gas pricing. Bastards.

In case anyone wonders where I am, assuming I haven’t told the 3 people who
read this page already, I’ve been sequestered by work till the end of April
for extra work to get a bunch of stuff going. No, it’s not april 1 yet.
Though I do plan to come to work naked that day, just to see if anyone
notices. Actually no, the potential for april fools day jokes is just a
little too high. If you want to contact me try my cell # or my work #.

I had a dream last night too. Strangely enough I remember it now. I was in
Port Coquitlum (or thereabouts) at the home of the old man who I used to go up
to’s house to watch TV on saturday mornings (before we got a TV) and for some
reason had to get home or to work. Having no car I ran. Ran a long way.
Right toward the end of my run I was (literally) sideswiped by a friend of
mine, laughing all the way. Not a mean spirited thing, just a friendly tap
to let me know he’s there as he came baralling past.

Now I wonder what this represents? My struggle for success/happiness while he
happily shoves me to the side of the metaphorical road, heading on his way to
glory, while I’m destined to flounder? Maybe it’s my own insecurities about
being an adult and living a “real” life… that I’m afraid to take the step
from childhood to adulthood (with life or maturity being represented by my
friend). Hmm….

Two final notes:

1 – Congrats to sillz who got a job! A real job! In Canada even! Go my
little ozzie!

2 – Thanks to r00st3r from #userfriendly who figured out the answer to my xmms-crashing-windowmaker problem without the aid of a
big flashing “here is the answer to arc’s problem” sign. Guess just reading
the FAQ helps sometimes too. Anyway, now I don’t have to worry about things
crashing when I change skins.

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