Note for the day: When photo-editing pictures of Angelina Jolie, the stamp tool is
your friend.

Lazy day. I was going to bed at 10 to get monday (two for one mocha monday!)
off to a good start, but got caught back up in an old project. Going not too
terrible either. I’ll post the before/after here after for ya’ll when it’s
done. If I don’t do something that might be very soon!

Put up a quake3 server today on fishbowl. quake.ufies.org is now active and
waiting… course, no one (from what I’ve seen) has even connected yet!
Bastards! Someone said something about putting a UT server up but my little
computer wouldn’t like that I don’t think. HD and cpu is going to be pretty
full (not to mention ram) with this.

Hmm… I just realized I really don’t have a lot to say. Maybe something more
interesting will emminate tomorrow with all the mochas.