Before anything starts, today is yet another birthday. Happy Birthday Ramoth!

Now, my day started almost exactly 12 hours ago, when my box booted up and
there were hard drive errors. Now, it was about midnight and I was wanting to
head to bed, and rebooted for some reason or other (probably a win32 game or
something). Anyway, I’m booting up and seeing all sorts of hard
drive errors. Gads. On /home too. Lots of fun. So things like my ~/Mail,
~/gfx, pictures, files, html etc were damaged. Now, I didn’t lose everything,
not by a long shot. The thing is I’m not sure what I lost.
See, when Linux does it’s equivelant of scandisk it stores any “lost” files,
or parts of files in a lost+found directory with filenames like “#3245347631”
or some such stuff. So till 2am or so I was examining files with names like

55872345360, and then copying them from

/home/lost+found/#53467474576/#3614667 to /home/alan/work/somerandomfile. No,
it wasn’t nearly as much fun as it sounds. Not with 900+ files in lost+found.

So that was 2am, and it only got worse. First I got to replace the hard drive
that was busted (see yesturdays bitch) out in langely. Actually, that went
pretty well, considering. Course, I got no other work done for that client,
as far as fixing their other problems. Then somewhere along the way
we had a client’s upgrade blow away their ISDN modem. That was worked on for
at least 6 hours (not by me all the time). In the middle of that another
client’s box went down and I had to deal with some guy who had to have it
explained where you plug the video card in. We spent a half hour pushing the
main power switch on and off until he realized that it should be the
other power switch that will actually start up the system.
Oh, and in there we had to build another customer’s box, and get me
instructions on what to do tomorrow when I hit downtown Vancouver to do some

I gotta admit though, Cuv was great to share the load with. I think I’d go
mad otherwise. This is probably how Silverstr felt when I came onboard. Or
not, who knows.

Ok, bed now.