Well, today was certainly a monday. Lets count off the wonderful things that
happened today.

I thought so. I said it was a monday didn’t I? Oh, ok, one thing good
happened, I got my perl server to be able to see if a connection was busted at
the end. Course, that was a 3 line fix (5 if you include the debug

How about the crap that went on. Well, we could count Telus changing IPs randomly; driving to a
client and finding (again) they have no spare ps/2 keyboards, and having to
drive back to the office; talking a client through a network reconfigure and
having them lose both internet and lan connections to your server;
going to said client (40 min drive) and discovering that their HD is slowly
getting turned into mulch, with lovely errors all over; having to read said
error messages through a horribly scrolling screen due to some wackyness with
either the video card or the montior; spilling the first mocha of the day on
your pants on the way to the first client (yea, I’m out of order here, so sue
me) and not having a spare due to yesturdays dirty hiking trip; still having
completely no clue what is up with the same client on a
completely different problem.

Oh yea, today was a wonderful fscking day.

And tomorrow I get to go replace said hard drive. Ask me what the chances of
things going smoothly are? Go on, I dare you… well, since you asked, not
very. Maybe the whole reverse physchology thing’ll work, if I think it’ll
suck, it won’t right? Sure. Cuv, I just hope that HD is configured up right,
cause I’d hate to have to kill you 🙂

Did I mention I have no pants? Well, didn’t until I did the laundry… I
ignored the laundry nazis though, and put my stuff in the dryer at [deep
breath] 10pm! I’m such a rebel I know. Course, it only went in that late
because I forgot about it.

So I have clean pants for tomorrow (generally recommended for going onsite)
and have it in my mind to remember my toolkit. I probably won’t and should
stick it by the door, but I won’t. Ditto with the guitar for my
lesson-which-I-didn’t-practice-for. Pah. Oh, and no, I haven’t started
working on the new webpage (not mine, the one that’ll make money). Doublepah.

Merry monday.

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