Ooops, forgot to change the date last entry. Eeeek!

Happy Birthday (note it’s not belated) to Jay-Jay! Someone I don’t know very
well, and never did, however, you still deserve b-day greets!

I survived hiking. Staring at 7:30am was a bit rough. Worked some on gfx the
night before and all…. it was cold, it was snowy, and I sunk up to my waist
a few times. However, I was quite happy that my legs held up the whole time.
Sure I stopped some, and we rested, but I didn’t have no legs after the first
100 meters uphill like I would have before. I think. Hard to tell without
remembering the pain or doing the same hike before. Oh well. A beautiful day
nonetheless. I think I’m going to forgo X-Files tonight and hit the hay,
because well, I think I can sleep this early šŸ™‚

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