There outta be a law about gas prices. They are 64.9 in Abby, 54.3 in ‘wack,
and have jumped $0.10 in the last couple of days. Just down the road from
work the price went from 54.3 to 64.9 in a day, and then the next morning it
was back to 54. Gads. Why don’t they just change the signs to be more
truthful and advertise a chance to bend over and have something large and
painful inserted somewhere it doesn’t belong. I think “thanks for choosing
shell… and thank you for bending over for us” would be a good line for the

Speaking of clerks I should watch that again soon. Hmm….

Before I forget, some people had birthdays today. I was going to put things
up this morning but things were…. well, chaotic. Anyway, happy birthday
fenchurch…. all my best!

Speaking of chaotic, we moved into a temp office while renovations are being
done at work. It’s actually not that bad. Less space but better arranged (at
least for us, the bosses have no place to hide hehheeeheh). Gotta remember
not to burp too loud now though, as we’re a bit more open. It’s going to suck
when we move back in and have to worry about a) employees other than us who are
around, and b) customers who we might not be able to see. The new boxen with
sound cards (oh and my new headphones are awsome!), combined with an NFS
server with a couple of gig of mp3s will make things SO much nicer. I don’t
mind working w/o tunes, but even if I’m not actively listening to music it’s
still nice to have something in the background (other than Cuv’s muttering of
“I hate you netscape” and “I hate you X”). Also the details of some of the
stuff that’s been happening has hit the wire. Head out and find it if you’re
intested, or ask me or something. Exciting stuff though, if it means nothing
more than new desks šŸ™‚

Loki works fast… I talked to a lady
there about 2 days ago about seeing if I could snafu a copy of q3 for linux
for the official UFies q3 server and today (actually yesturday) a fedexed tin
box edition showed up. I am so impressed. Tomorrow I should have it all
installed and running too, and at that time I’ll go down on my knees and
grovel with “thankyouthankyouthankyou” to them. Tonight however, that’s what
I’m playing šŸ™‚

I mentioned a bit back that getting out of the human race for a while would be
good. Just a couple of weeks vacation if I recall. Well, I think 3 weeks
locked in a room with no one around might be the change of plan. Sometimes I
just… have no desire to be around, talk to, listen to, or have any contact
with anyone at all. I’m not sure if I could do it for more than a bit, but
hey, it’s worth a try. Heck, I might even come out of it semi-sane (as
opposed to my situation currently, while I’m quite insane [insert evil laugh

I finally got paid for a web job a bit ago (I won’t tell you what as I’m quite
ashamed of the site) and from that went out and got a k7 motherboard for the
chip that’s been here since christmas. I would have liked to tell
you I’m rocking and rolling along at 500Mhz (or higher) right now, but all I
get is 8 beeps, pause, 8 beeps. No video, no bios, no nothing. Bah. I’ve
tried with different ram, no ram, reseating cards, moving cards, with nothing
at all attached and with everything attached. I really hope it’s not the
chip, but that’s what it almost looks like now. We’ll see when I get Iambe to
wander over with her k7 to test. If it is I either have to try to get another
chip (sweet talkin’), ($DEITY forbid) buy a chip (and I don’t have a spare $1k
to spend on a nice 850+), or take back the board and trade it for a new chair,
which is something else that could do with an upgrade. Something high backed,
leather, comfy, and that reclines šŸ™‚

Hmmm…. my dream (last entry) ended the way it did not because I was a good,
honest person, but because I was afraid of being caught. Wonder how much you
could read into that. Maybe my thin facade of an intelligent, not insane,
educated and hardworking young man is only that, a thin facade. Sometimes I
wonder if the faith that people place in me might be misplaced. Maybe I’m
just an idiot who should be living in a trailer park somewhere married to my
cousin. See, this is why I need to get out šŸ™‚ Actually, I will be getting
out. Sunday I’m heading for a hike with Brad… wonder how my leg’ll hold up?
There is only so much the treadmill and stairmaster at the gym can do eh?

Hmm…. I seem to be writing less often these days. Must do something about
that šŸ™‚