This one I just had to write down. In the midst of not having bizzare and
screwed up dreams I just woke up from a doozie.

I was living where I am now, in an apartment with a slightly different layout.
One day I am sitting at home watching TV and a neighbor kid is over and he
decides to eat out of my popcorn bowl. I don’t like this, and jokingly ask
someone what it would take to blow the place up to get rid of that sort of
thing. They say they’ll talk to some people and those people contact me. A
plan is set up. I’ll pack what I can into bags and, at a certain time, a
truck will roll up outside my patio door and I’ll load my worldly possessions
quickly into it. Or at least what I can. After that a chopper or plane will
stop with a huge load of explosives and blow up my little building.

I’m in the midst of this all, calling people and talking to the other members
of this crew getting things organized. There is going to a movie involved
somewhere. At the end I call and am told to hurry up and get going, aren’t I
done packing already. So I start packing some of my kitchen stuff into a black duffle bag and then call and ask how the smeg am I going to fit all my stuff
into a bag or two to carry. How will I be able to carry more than one
computer and some clothes!? I’m reminded that the truck will be outside and
I’ll be able to throw a few bags into it. Duh.

So I finally start throwing a few things into a bag and I think of how I’ll be
so happy when this is over and then think of the police knocking on my door in
a multi-murder investigation and try to call it off. No one is answering so I
drive out the dusty road and try to signal the plane(s) to abort. There is a
small homebuilt looking one and 2 huey choppers (loaded with bombs I suppose).
I finally get the attention of the homebuilt and tell him that this is madness
and I’ve changed my mind. He agrees and says how mad/stupid it was. We laugh
a bit about how this all started from a kid taking my popcorn and eventually
everything is left/blows over.

Somewhere in there is the building manager/keeperdude who mutters about the
bloody idiots who threw a dead animal on my picnic table in protest against
hunting. Not sure WTF that came from.

Anyway, analyzing this I’d say it came from my recent watching of Arlington Road to some degree. There was a
lot more but even now, right after waking up from this, a lot of the details
are lost. Actually, the details are there (the look of the plane, the layout
of the house, how I grabbed my new spaghetti scooper when I started packing)
it’s the major bits of the plot that are faded, who the leader was, who the
cohort was of the bomber groups, etc.

How bizzare….