Bastard laundry nazis. First I try to get it up and going this morning…
then it turns out that Saturday mornings (well, actually afternoon) are
popular times for doing laundry. So a day of getting my ass kicked at SMAC
and StarCraft later I decide to try again… and this time there’s a sign
saying ‘last load must be in by 9pm’ (this is at 9:30). Great…. luckily I
can survive till tomorrow. It wouldn’t be that bad except that all my laundry
was already out and sorted, so I had no sheets, no towels, etc. Oh well, I
have spare sheets…. even if they are an, uhm…. lovely white and orange.

Working more on the new ufies.org site. Got a nice button thingy going and
(depending on how much time I have and how much I want do do things (mod_perl,
mysql)) things should be up and going in not that long (being anywhere from a
week to a decade).

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