Gas Prices Yesturday: 62.9

Gas Prices Today: 53.9

I will not be shameful when I say I slept a lot on saturday. Hell, I’ll
scream to the skies that I was in bed till after 3pm. Course, I also went to
bed around 4am. After a long week of work friday I got the evening off and
headed to vancouver for a going away/stag party for my dear friend frogbert who is off to find fame and fortune
(but more specifically to get married) in the land down under. So that’s how
friday night was. Well, let me say this first, before I go on.

Fog’n Suds SUCKS

Hear me? They suck. Don’t go there. I arrived around 7:30, and got
my appetizer ok. When our crappy waiter finally got around taking our real
order around 8:30 it took over an hour of waiting before we
asked WTF was going on. At around 10 he confirmed that yes, we had ordered
something, and not long after that I was told that my stir fry was on it’s
way, RSN. A bit later we were told that the bill had been “lost” which was
why we were sitting there for so long. Oh, and after he told me that my meal
was almost ready I was told that they were out of peanut sauce (it was a stir
fry with peanut sauce) and would I like to try another stir fry, or anything
else on the menu. Oh and the cost would be taken care for me.

Uhm, no shit. Like I was going to pay after the worst service I’ve
ever gotten in a resturaunt, EVER. New waiter or
not, that was nuts. And then after he whined about being $10 short on the
bill. I mean, not even a “I’m really sorry about that sir” or similar, but
“I’m still about $10 short on the bill.” Just nuts.

So the moral of this small interlude is DON’T GO TO FOG’N Suds!

Anyway after we finally got out of there at around 11 (the food was supposed
to be quick and basically just to get people together). We wandered around
and tried to get something going. It was good to get togeather with people,
but let me warn you, a poorly planned stag is not as good as a well planned

So after all this (and getting a microwave from Frog, one that doesn’t turn
itself on randomly) I got in around 3 or 4am. Then slept for 12 hours (though
I think I woke up around 9 and had pretty fitful sleep till I finally got up.
The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy for me.

Note: Don’t do work on computers at night. I had some icky hard drive
problems with my /home over the last while (the worst partition to
have problems on… thank god for backups. So I figured “ok, I’ll nuke it,
recreate it, and then swap it with an mp3 partition that won’t loose my mail
and personal files if it decided to freak out and die. Well, somewhere along
the way my /var got nuked, and well, it was time for a re-install anyway. So
right now I’m waiting for things to install. I’m told it has 2h43m42s left.
Greeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat. Guess I could just go to bed huh?

Oh, and I’ll be keeping track of gas prices (see above) daily (or so) to show
everyone how they’re jumping around. Yestuday they were about 62 or 64, and
then while driving out to my bud’s place (happy early bday!) they dropped to
53. On one side of the road. The arco was still at 63. Like… come ON!

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