Gas Prices Yesturday: 53.9ish

Gas Prices Today: 53.9ish

Well, we’re about 95% moved in to the new office. Man it looks great. Feels
great too. Very professional and very, I don’t know…. “real”. I’m pretty
much moved into my little podlet (we have 3 sets of 4 desks in a circle, each
one a “pod” (detonating me of course as a podlet)). My penguins are here, my
books, mags, phone, paper and CD coasters have been retrieved from the storage
they were in while we were moved into the temp office. The new place has
power and net connections all over the place, is painted, has new funky
carpet, new ceilings… it’s just swanky. Now I get to get down to doing
work! There are some bugs to be ironed out. Keyboard tray
problems, none of the new (ooooh, awsome btw) systems’ sound works. It’s a
PCI128 which is detected just fine, but the driver…. uhm…. times out or
something. It’s no good. Quake problems also. It refuses to load the voodoo
driver. It’ll only do the default GL one, which doesn’t seem as fast as it
should be for a PIII-550 with a Voodoo 3 in it. Ah well, we’ll see how they
play tonight in the deathma^Wbandwidth testing session.

Now back to moving.

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