Gas Prices Yesturday: 53.1

Gas Prices Today: 65.9 (bastard!)

Well a bit has happened here lately. Not for tonight though, I’m waiting for
some stuff first. Watch the cam site though 🙂

Good thing I filled up very recently too (see gas prices above). Mom was
right, they do seem to make these huge jumps on a tuesday (at least
when the price has had a semblance of steadyness for more than a day or 2).
Something to watch out for.

Me? Tired, but going good. The new office rocks. I’m secluded enough now I
can get work done better I think. I have my tunes, a rockin’ box, and all my
stuff around me. I’ll have to get out the “Alan, CGFH” sign tomorrow morning
(that’s Computer Geek From Hell thankyouverymuch… though Code Geek might be
more appropriate now).

Are you sure it’s only tuesday?

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