Gas Prices Yesturday: 65.9

Gas Prices Today: 61.9

Well, a nice $0.04 jump after a nice $0.12 one. Guess that makes up for it
huh? Bastards.

Aside. U2’s Live version of Sunday Bloody Sunday quite rocks. It’s keeping
me sane at the moment. But not sane enough for a small rant.

I hate our fscking web guy!

He did up the company’s new web pages in some screwed up wank program from Adobe called GoLive. I’d put a link to it
but the only results for it from a search on their main site is in the support
database. I had to hit google to find it’s page.

How does it suck? Let me count the ways….

First of all, check out the main page above. It’s 80k of text. Just for a
page that fits in a single browser window. And for what? Some mouseovers.
This could be done by a real web designer in far less with
the same results from an imagemap and some javascript.

The code it produces on the above (go view source, I dare you) isn’t terrible.
Sadly, our website guy has a mac. Go on, ask me how little of a problem it
was to get his code to a workable state on a unix box…. I dare you. A long
fucking time is the answer. I ended up going through the code in it’s
not-in-one-line-but-not-nicely-indented form and indenting and correcting it.
Seems that the conversion randomly doubles letters for no reason. Some “if”
statements were turned into “iif”s and some “function” were “ffunction” and so
on. I ended up taking some working code of his and pasting it in to get it
to work.

And of course it doesn’t work even yet (just checking it under IE) because of
the way that IE handles tables.

sigh Someone shoot me (or him) soon please.

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