Wow. Long time eh? Seems lately that the only thing I want to do when I have
time to myself is something other than be by the computer you know? Or if I
am it’s mindless quake like things, not getting off my ass and doing the stuff
I should be. Bah.

I did get some cool stuff done here though, a bit more time to play with it
and I’ll be happy. Basically I’m going to try to use the everything engine to do a page of
some kind. I got it up and running this evening (everything.ufies.org) but really, don’t
expect to see anything other than the default vanilla install. The way that
the “nodeballs” work is still a bit alien to me, so seeing an actual
productive and working site might take a bit šŸ™‚ Especially if I have to learn
XML first!

Greetz to Tig who made it here for Easter dinner (not mine mind you, I had
yummy turkey with mom and dad). Good to have you back man.

My take on the Elian situation. I see that today he was forcably removed from
the place in Miami. I say who cares. Not about that, but about this whole
situation. It shouldn’t have made it this far, and should have been resolved
long ago by far less sensationalistic means. I
mean, come on, I’m sure that this almost exact thing has happened many times
before, but do we hear about it and see pictures of it on (apparently) all
sorts of major newspapers? I think no, kind and gentle readers.