Ever been in a public restroom and been reading a magazine or book or
something and you had
those annoying people knocking on the door and wanting you to get off so they
can use it? My solution, start making the most blood curdling and anguishing
noises you can. Make it sound like you’re passing a small shopping cart or
something… guarenteed to give you privacy in any public restroom.

Car update: Took it into ICBC and they basically just polished the scratch
out. There is still a small dent but it’s only visible if you know where to
look. I have a sheet as well, but if I want to pay my deductable of $300 on a
~$325 repair job I can.


Perl update: Got a call and guess what the guy (at least I got another name
and phone number) suggested? “Maybe we sent you two currupt keyfiles”
gads…. Anyway, today I shall discover where the problem is and fix it all
myself I think!

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