Gas Prices Today: Abby: 62.6ish; ‘Wack: 59.9

Well, it’s been a while in coming, but I finally got some new wheels. I
figured, well, my CD player hasn’t been working all too great lately so why
don’t I just replace the whole fscking car.

So I did. I hit the online and
found a decent price and then headed out to the dealership to get it. It was
actually bought at a VW dealership (and had the financing done at an Audi
dealership), but after a long long day last weekend I finally got it
all done and finished up. In case
you’re wondering, yes that is a loaded 2 Liter VTEC powered ’98 Prelude which
redlines at 7500. And yes, that is the car I’ve always wanted (well, I’ve
always wanted a not quite new prelude, not this specific one, but I’m
certainly not complaining đŸ™‚

So on Saturday I took it in for it’s final buffing and safety inspection (they
apparently didn’t have it long enough to do these things yet). Got home
around 5pm or so and crashed. Next morning I wake up and find this. So my question is now, who gets the
beating? Hell, I haven’t even started making payments and already I have to
go to ICBC to be bent over for repair costs! ARGH!

This is why I have never had a new car before.

Anyway, there’s some more pix (well, larger versions of them anyway) on the
ArcterCam page. I also put up some new corny and rex pix on the ArcterCat Gallery page. Thanks for letting me use
the digital camera dad!