Well, an… interesting weekend to say the least. I attended a lobster dinner
thing put on by SilverStr’s rotary. Basically a night of food
(loooooobster!), drink, a comedian guy by the name of The Rubber Chicken Guy
(“I decided as a child I wanted to make people laugh and do magic for a
living, and because of that I am now completely un-employable”) and an auction
(don’t worry, I didn’t buy anything). It was cool. I came home from this
however, to an apartment with a flood and fire restoration company van outside
and the building manager meeting me at the front door. Seems that all the
rain we got over the weekend sat 2 feet deep on the roof due to plugged
downspouts. So logically they unplugged the downspouts. And
logically the water went down fast, met the water in the storm
drains, and went the only place it could go… up. So apparently (and I’m
really glad I wasn’t there) everything came up the toilets/bathtubs/sinks of
the last four apartments on the floor. I now have no carpet in the
entraceway, a bigass humidifier in the front hall (turned off so I can sleep)
and most of the walls of the front hall and bathroom cut away.

I got the least of it apparently, talking to the lady at the end of the hall
she had a “river of shit” running from her bathroom through the house. Lovely
image eh? All I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t here.

Luckily nothing was damaged (except the carpet) and the building covers the
costs. There might be an issue of the moving of stuff should the
entire carpet need replacing though. I’m personally thinking that if
they have to rip it up just leave it up and refinish the nice hardwood floor
instead of putting new carpet in.

Got burnt today too. The sunshine kind. Headed out to the lake to wander
around and enjoy the sun, which was nice. Little pink on my face and
shoulders, but hey, it’s a sign of my actually getting outside on the
wonderful weekend!

I was reading the retrospective on Charles Shultz over here and
I was exceptionally touched by this
. Sometimes they can hit it right. on. the. head. Hmm… time to
whip out my old peanuts cartoons I think. I used to love the ones with Snoopy
and the red baron. Heck, I at one point made a (not very accurate) replica of
his doghouse and put it in the lawn so that I could pretend to be snoopy
pretending to shoot down the Red Baron.

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