So why do I, friends and neighbors, come to you again, and so early (7:20am)
in the morning? Well, basically I went nuts. Crazy! A

In some weird spirit of renewal (and of turning my case’o’beer into a six
pack), I decided to start running in the mornings. This is partly my friend
Brad’s fault, but I suppose I can forgive him as he’s occasionally saved my
life and all. Anyway, I figured that if I got up a half hour earlier, I could
go for a run around the block (actually about a 20 minute run, I must have
mis-calculated earlier) and come back and shower, have breakfast etc, in time
to go to work at the normal time. This of course parltly hinged on going to
bed before 3am which I managed to do last night. This will be done every
two days until I completely wimp out. Lets see how long that takes. Going
every day is bad from what I understand, which is a good thing, cause, well…
lets see:

Saturday morning run Arcterstatus:


Sunday morning run Arcterstatus:

Feeling good, refreshed, ready to take on the
world (it was a very nice day sunday).

Monday morning run Arcterstatus:

Pathetic and emberassing. I got home and spent some time walking (limping)
around the house and making strange wimpering noises and doing my best to try
to make the pain in my calves go away.

So tomorrow morning it’ll be weights, and hopefully my barbells will, with
some effort from me, tone me up to look like Arnold for the summer. Then a
run the next day… then weights… then running… oh man I’m an idiot.

Course I’m up to update this I suppose, so it’s not all bad!