So this morning I took a break. I was up late last night playing with my new toy (no, it doesn’t work properly,
so dont’ bother) and figured that I needed the extra half hour of sleep. So
basically since 8 this morning (actually before that) nothing has gone right.
Now I find that ufies.org (and all the sites hosted on it) is down for no
reason and no one at paralynx can help me. Bah. I’d go into it but it sucks.
I’m waiting for my computer to melt down or something.

Tig suggested that I “back up often”. I took it to mean walk backwards for
some sort of salt-over-the-shoulder reason. It was only after the laughter
stopped that I realized he meant back up the computer 🙂

I can’t wait till I get home so I can go for a run and have things work again!
Then I’ll site alone all night and not do anything.