Argh. Deadlines. They suck and are best avoided at all costs.

Flaming rum however, is quite nice and should be tried. Of course, as I was
not the inventor of, nor bringer to my collective, I have no right in doing
anything but saying it rocked and the third of mickey of rum or so that I have
in my system made watching “the pokemon vacation” so much more bearable.
Kinda. I’ll bet if I had ever done acid that that was like what a flashback
would be like.

Wild and crazy.

Course, I’m a wild and crazy guy right? Right… come on, sometimes I don’t
use strict and occasionally I’ll run with scissors in my hands. But
only when I’m in a really crazy mood.

Happiness and the horror for today was the MS buyout of Bungie (hit
www.shugashack.com for more info). Kudos to the Bungie guys for making
allegences to benifit their company and ensure their survival and prosperity,
but on the other hand, do you really think that an MS owned company will port
to other OSs? I mean come on. Lets just hope that Bungie is really in charge
of the whole deal like they cough say they are.

ObAside: sick of the crap that’s been flying lately. Wishing everyone could
just let things go and get on with your miserable and pathetic lives (note:
this is not to say that my readers (buahahahah, “readers” heheheheh) are
pathetic, it was a blanket statement insulting everyone).

ObReadin’: Listening to the last 2 tapes (via mp3) of Neoromancer. If I
didn’t have to code while I was listening to it I’ve have a bit more of a clue
about what was going on I think.

ObListenin’: Tuning into the country channel and waiting for ads for country
classics collections to come on so I can remember some artist names to put
into a napster search.

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