Yes, it’s funky dream time again…..

I was at my old high school. There was an election going on, but not so much
an election, but something that where you voted, and lets say you voted
Vancouver, or Gander, or the edge of your town, and you’d appear there.
Pretty cool huh? My boss (oh dear god why did I have a dream with my boss in
it) was outside beside the track and a phone call came in but he wouldn’t tell
me who it was from. So I went and watched the horses for a while (there were
a bunch of horses running around the school track). There was this one breed
that looked like a cross between a horse and a small buffalo…. really
demented, but of course, it all made sense. I decided to go running with the
horses and did, keeping up with them (or they slowed down to run with me,
something I think is far more likely because the one I was “racing” had it’s
head down really low like it was looking at it’s feet to make sure it was
going slow or something). I got tired then and a horse came over and got me
(in a “realistic” manner, by coming towards me and making noise) because the
boss had called me over because the guy on the phone wanted to talk to me
(turns out it was a guy we deal with who I will identify as “F from RO” (for
anyone who happens to know WTF I’m talking about)) and shoot the shit for a

About that point I was jarred awake by the alarm (after being out till 1 at
sushi I felt sleep was more important) which I promptly turned off, reset to 2
minutes later, turned back on, then hit the snooze when it rang (I turned it
off instead of hitting snooze the first time accidently).