My dad is indeed the best woodworker in the world. Last friday the bed that
was made for me (as I’m in a larger little cave now) arrived. An awsome oak
beauty. Pictures will follow soon.

Needless to say I’m still adjusting. The cats have far more excersise over
such a large area and consiquently I appear to have gotten much less sleep
lately. Seems that this new scary object that takes up most of the bedroom
doesn’t quite smell right and pacing back and forth over it (and me) is

Along with the arrival of the bed was that of yet another lowering of my
faith in mankind. It’s no secret that I not only have a minute amount of
faith in people in general, but I hate them. Now when I go to a mattress
store, say on a thursday, and talk to a salesperson… lets call him “Moe”
(note that I’m not saying that I’m protecting anyone’s identity), and say I’m
interested in a queen size matress. Say Moe shows it to me
and I give the standard, “I’m looking around, thankyouverymuch.” After which
I shop around some more and found that said queen size matress
is the best deal around. So the next day, Friday, when my hypothetical
bedframe arrives, I head out to said store to purchase my queen size
. I go in and say to the lady (this is not Moe) that I’d like
this [indication] matress pleaseandthankyou. “What size?” she would ask.
“Why,” I reply “I’d like a queen size matress please.” After
which they charge me (an arm and a leg I might add) for a queen size
and I recieve a bill saying that I have puchased, yes, you
guessed it, a queen size matress. So I head around back to
collect this mattress from Moe, who happens to be in charge of this at the
time, and take it home. Upon placing it in the bed I find
that it is…

And now I’ll let you all take a wild guess here… do you think the answer is
the obvious “queen size matress” or not?

not a queen sized matress. Why instead of giving me the obvious
choice of a queen size matress but in fact is a

To make a long story short, a call the place to tell that that yes, they
will stay open beyond 9pm while I come back to exchange it, and I had
a perfectly fitting matress.

But people still suck.

So it’s monday, and I watched Dawson’s Creek today. No plot summary today
(story told 4 times, kinda cool, joey and pacey decide to tell dawson about
“them” and they break his heart (duh) and at the end she ends it with pacey) I
have bigger fish to fry.

It’s about Joey. While a
beautiful creature whom I am in love with (alas, I’m nothing but a dirty old
man for it), she is I’m discovering, a devious bitch. Yes, that’s right.
Lets take a look here. She’s in love with Dawson forever. Finally they get
togeather and she dumps him in some bizarre ass “I need to find myself”
bullshit. He’s devestated. Some time passes, summer ends, whatever. He gets
over it eventually and deals with it, as we (men) have to. She comes waltzing
back in and decides “oh deary, I was wrong” and expects that he’ll jump back
into her arms. He’s been hurt and doesn’t, and eventually, and after much
work, they become friends again. This is good. Then, while things are going
great and wonderfully she decides she’s going to have a go with his best
friend! Now I’m all one for true love, so I even give her the benifit of the
doubt. If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be right? So then they (this
being the devious wench and Pacey) tell Dawson that there is a “them” and
destroy him once again… showing him that not only has his best friend been
sneaking around behind his back and lying to him, but he’s been doing it with
the girl that he’s always wanted. Again I still can give them the benifit of
the doubt, sometimes there are casualties in the path of true love. But the
kicker is when the little tart tells Pacey that it’s over right at the end of
the show! WTF? All that work and you decide to break not one but
two hearts in one night??? My god you bitch! Destroy the man
who has loved you all his life as well as the one who has just fallen
in love with you!

Ok, rant over… I’ll deal 🙂 I suppose I really should get out more. Like
running. In the morning. And it’s late. And I will go I promise! (and it’s
early enough that I can and get more than 5 hours of sleep!).