Ah yes, just when you thought my life couldn’t get any better, and things were
all roses, dancing girls, and fresh herring…. yup, another person (and I use
that term loosly) decided to back out of their parking stall beside mine and
crunch my sidepanel. Remember this?
Well, in almost the same spot yet another bumper of evil got me. This one
isn’t going to be polished out though… The metal by the wheel well is
crumpled a little and the nice shiny rim (sport wheels I believe they were
billed as) got all munched up. I get the joy of talking to the backstabbing
bastards named ICBC tomorrow to see how much of the damage they are going to
say “it was probably there beforehand” to. If they do try to screw me out of
it.. well, I’ll be angry. I am only guessing they’ll try mind you, I might be
lucky (pah!) and have them say they’ll replace everything.

The only good news in this is that there was a nice guy who saw it happen and
got the bastard’s plate number, so I got to go to the police station (and talk
to a very nice constable named Stenbeck) and file a report. As much fun as
that sounds, I could think of much better ways to be occupying my afternoon
with (like coding C! wh00p!).

Oh yea, to make my night really great I woke up to cat puke on the bed this
morning at 6am. Joy… lucky the bed is large enough I can just sort of slide
over to the other side. Oh, and the timing was good too because I just did
the laundry last night too. Fun fun. (well, at least I didn’t have to start
turning my underwear inside out).