For some reason I can’t get to this system sometimes from work, but then when
I get home all is well. I hate that. I’ll ping ping ping it but nothing,
wait a bit and it’s back.

Tres Weird.

I’d move this site off this box and onto the UFies server, but that would mean
that arcterex.net wouldn’t be my home ya know?

Well, DC was again a turmoil. It truely showed how men are stupid creatures
who do and say the wrong things at all the right times. And by right I mean
in the sarcastic way, not the ironic way. Ah well. Looks like there are get
backtogeathers in store though…. Dawson’s mom and dad are lookin’ pretty
good, Joey is over at Dawson’s place watching cheesy old movies, and
whatsherfacethecrazychick is forgiving Pacey.

Ah, some time for contemplation. You know, sometimes I’m caught in this sort
of, helix of thoughts. I’m either a God or a Loser, and at times I’m not sure
which. On one hand, I know firwalls, networking, programming and other
computer-stuff better than a lot of the people around. That of course
includes the tech support people I call on the off chance that they know more
than me, the random idiots at matress stores who are looking for a computer
(fat chance bucko! you gave me bad vibes), and the people who can’t figure out
how to make the McDonalds cash machine work (speaking of which, they now have
machines to give out change, to remove the responsibility of the intense math
required to figure out the change for a $5.00 bill on a $4.70 meal… let me
take a tangent for a second….

is it just me or are the machines that are out there these days not allowing
us to do more, learn more, realize more of our potential as human beings, but
instead allow, no, encourage people
people who can’t get their change right, don’t require they have grade 3 math
skills, no get a machine that can figure out the change for them! Don’t have
the skills to buy a book and learn to play the guitar yourself? Buy a
computer program/video that tells you how to do it all in 4 easy hours! Don’t
have the brains to eat properly? There’s machine out there that’ll take the
fattiest steak out there and turn it (through use of some revolutionary drip
technology) to be actually good for you!

… but I digress…..)

where was I? Oh yea, I like, know some stuff with computers.

On the other hand, I’m also surrounded by some very smart people. Smart
enough to make me feel like an idiot sometimes. Computer and life wise.
There was someone I met a while ago who made me realize I didn’t know a thing
about life, love and such not. It gets pretty intimidating sometime. Oh I’ll
survive. Hell, I might even learn something one of these days.

Shopping! Whohoo! Fresh lunchmeat! I happened to see an old friend from
University in town too. A girl named Shawna that I used to give a ride to
school occasionally. She was in our (our being the other people in my
program) for a couple of years and then she sort of dissapeared. I sort of
notice this group of three girls as I entered the shopping mall (with a huge
neon “Enter the Excitement” sign over the door… I’ll bitch about that some
other day) but didn’t really take any notice of them (other than any male
would take notice of a group of three young and attractive females). Later
on, while heading down the meat isle I passed by them and heard the name
“Shawna” mentioned, which clicked that I recognized the one in the black
shirt. Looking back I found I even recognized the face! This is a huge
victory for me and my memory.

I continued shopping and left mind you. I thought about stopping and saying
hi, remember me from way back in the dark ages? but decided not to. Maybe
next time, but tonight I didn’t have the energy I don’t think. ‘sides, I had
to fix a webserver (or try to anyway).

Aside: Wiiiiiiiiim!!!!!

Funny link of the day: godisdead.com

In particular:

So here I sit, about to get back to work to fix some weirdass virtual host
problem with apache and listen to Blue Rodeo’s 5 Day’s in July and
contemplate and write. Funnily enough it doesn’t matter that the smegging
website is down (or so it appears) until I lay my hands on it… just
yammering on and on (and on and on) is good.

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