Trippy dream time. My alarm just went off and woke me up so pardon the

The premise was that I had an ex-wife who still had feelings for me or
something. I also had a nice big house that wasn’t mine. I think I went back
there (or she came back there) to get back togeather with her (or she with
me). Here new hubby wasn’t too pleased and decided to try to kill us.
Somewhere along the way there was another guy there (my friend or something).
We figured the best way to keep this guy off our backs was to shoot at him. So
we did, constantly and managed to hold him off and away from the house. In
the end we sort of accepted that he had more firepower or manpower than us so
we planned a retreat.

There was also a part where a bunch of people were there for a birthday party,
and my ex-gf was given a tape called “the sounds of the airshow.” I was then
invited by iambe’s brother to hang out with him and his gf and their friend.
outside with the cars and away from the birthday celebrations. I was out
there originally to just get away from the birthday party though. There was
a couple out there making out and closing the blinds in their car. You know
those sunshades that you pull down like a blind? This car had them on every
window (oooh la la).

Not sure how the above relates to the shooting or how it transgressed from
watching people make out to shooting but ….

So at the end of the shooting we are making our retreat, picking up all that
is left of our stuff and one of their guys makes it in to the house so I belt
him hard and he goes down like a ton of bricks (not bad for someone who has
never been in a real fight huh?). I kiss my ex-wife goodbye and head to the
car to get out of there.

Now I’m not sure where I got the ex(s) or how iambe’s brother relates to all
of this, nor why he’d want to hang out with me.