08/01/2000 2


Just a note… the ranting last night about technology making people more
stupid… still holds. However I realize that my example of McDonalds where
they use a machine to figure out the change was wrong. That’s a simple cash
register, and hell, with the stupidity of people these days I want
that. No way do I want some pimply “manager” giving me $2.70 change for a
$6.30 when I give them a 10 dollar bill.

No my friends in ranting, this machine made the change for
. That’s right, not only did it tell them that the long haired,
annoyed man at the window requires $3.70 in change it dolls out the correct
combination of pennies, loonies, dimes, quarters and nickles! If the skills of the
average person these days means they can’t figure out how to create change
from the types of coins available, I’m not sure I really want to be
on this planet! Come on ET! Take me awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

We now return you to our reguarily scheduled ranting (and me to my breakfast).

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