Dog Food Woman

I don’t know about anyone else, but I take as absolutely little time at the
cash register as possible. When I left home to hit the pet store to get some
cat food (lest I be eaten sometime in the night for lack of an alternative) I
expected to go in, and come back, with the 7 minute drive to take the
longest… no no no. Ahead of me was a woman who was doing
something. I’m not sure what. She was there at the cash when I entered the
store, took the quickest route to the cat food isle, grabbed the
Mondo, last forever bag of Salmon flavored “Max Cat” food,
and returned the the cash register. I sat for about 5 minutes while the check
out person apparently did her credit card twice (WTF was she doing while I was
entering the store then?) to pay for her 3 bags of Salmon flavored “Max Cat”.
I sat patiently, not letting this get to me, thinking about all the reasons
why I’m glad it’s not easy to get a high powered automatic weapon here in
Canada (as I’m sure had I been in the states I could have gone to the store,
purchased an AK-47 and returned in the time it took to buy 3 bags of cat

When my turn finally did come I took a total of approximatly 37 seconds, 15 of
which was waiting for my bank card to go through. By the time I put the bag
of food in the truck and started my car, the lady (not old or a slow walker
for legitimate reasons) had just reached her car.

I wanted to hit the local climbing gym to see if a) they still
recognized me and b) how much a pass was (I’m thinking a 1-3 month pass to the
gym would be a Good Idea). As it is they are closed monday. However my night
is scheduled to go to the non-climbing gym down the road first thing tomorrow
morning and start (yet another) routine to build the Iron Geek. I figure if I
wake up at 6, I can be on the road by 6:30 (more like 6:15 as I don’t care if
I smell when I get there), hit the gym for 45 min to an hour, come home
(approx 7:30) shower, shave, etc and be ready to go at 8 without too much of a
problem. Loosing the hour of sleep will suck, but hopefully spending the $ on
a month pass at the gym will influence me to get my ass out of bed more often.
Either that or start hitting it in the eve. Though evenings I think that
going to the climbing gym will rock. I’ll start out with doing laps
bouldering, then cave work, then just hanging for 5 or 10 min at a time.
That’s the theory anyway. It’s exciting.

I haven’t been climbing in far too long… mostly because I’m so out
of shape and practice I’m scared at how bad I’m going to do. I think this’ll
be a good start. I still do not envy starting back at 5.8’s again….