I know that there are hard things in this life. Giving up a baby for
adoption, seeing a loved one leave on a journey, being separated from your
significant other… Now I’m not saying that these things are hard and a
terrible thing to experience, but in my experience there is nothing harder
than getting up on your own accord when you know you could have at least
another hour to sleep.

Of course what made it worse was when I arrived at the gym (as promised) I was
greeted by a sign saying “closed till sept. 11” (actually I was told by some
guy standing outside sipping his coffee… but the lack of cars in the parking
lot had clued me in that something was wrong). And even worse, I had
been there last night to see what time they opened!

So I went for a run instead. A different route, this time I headed a bit into
town, up the hill, across to the back street, and then back up the horrendous
hill behind my apartment building. At first it felt too easy, not brutal
enough. Luckily, when I hit the aformentioned hill I got the deep down “I
want to die” feel that Tig’s K had said was a Good Thing. Needless to say I
didn’t make it all the way up the hill. This is a good thing though, because
if I had I might have thought it too easy and needed to go for
longer, which would have just sucked. When the hill is less
forboding, I’ll look at going farther, but for now it works just fine.

Things to note for next time: no one will laugh at you if you puke your guts
out while screaming “TAKE ME NOW LORD!” at the end of a run, as long as you
don’t actually roll in your vomit while falling down.