Surviving the Game

Maybe Survivor doesn’t completely suck. If you think of it as a giant game
where the point of it is to win, by any means needed, like in the game
Diplomacy, then it’s only mildly nausiating to watch. Which I did, along with
about 19 billion other people, last night. It was a Geek Survivor Party (as
Iambe said).

Now I’m hacking out C, or trying to, as we convert some of our perl stuff to
C. Nice to get back into it but man do I regret how awsome perl is to do
string/hash/array stuff.

Changed the font. Hope it doesn’t suck. Looks ok to me. Speaking of
looking, I really like the changes I made in the last entry. I think maybe
tonight in the midst of coding the new Peer 2 Peer Personals I’ll do some
changes here as well. Does the brownish look suck rocks? I’ll get around to
archiving this too….

Aside: Listening to Live’s song “Centry”… “come on over dear/this puke
smells like beer”. I enjoy interesting and colorful metaphor in music of
course, but I guess I’m too conservative or sheltered to appreciate the poetic
nature of the above line(s).

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