I was in bed at 11:30, but thought to myself “I can be creative, what is this
sleep thing?” So I came out and made some changes and
. Hope you enjoy.

I had a(nother) dream last night. It was…. strange. Probably more so in
that I remember it still. I was in an apartment (in a highrise, not mine
here) and was invited out. On my way out I passed by/through another
apartment where there was a woman. I took a picture of her using a “Coding is
not a crime” bumper sticker.

Yea, you read that right. It had something to do with the way you take
pictures, by exposing the film to an image. Well, same principle. I had the
sticker folded in half and then I opened it facing her, and took her picture
that way. Only on the spot where I had placed my finger on her of course. I
think I came back later and tried to get the rest of her, but that’s a little

I went to see a movie with UF personality WildCard but the movie really
really sucked. He wandered out, and when queried he said he
was going to another movie. I followed, carrying my two empty cereal bowls
and went into the other theatre, which was playing something like “Attack of
the killer mice” or something equally as full of cheese. We watched this
until I woke up.

No, I don’t know where the cereal bowls come in.

Yes, I know I need serious help 🙂