Lots of sleep, though a lot of it was restless. Not enough to deal with 40+
hours of uptime though.

Enough to give me a weird dream though…. It was after the LWE show and I
decided to go to Newark (though I have no clue where Newark is, in my dream it
was located below San Jose by a fair amount, probably around but bottom border
of california) to do… something. I drove down there and had to find some
place. Not the easiest to do with really crappy maps. Somewhere along the
way I met up with some people (who happened to be userfriendly fans). Hard to
navigate down the thin streets too. I broke my car’s window somehow as well.
I bought a scorpion and an iguana (both very large and not alive). Taxidermy
maybe? I also had to navigate through a mall with a lot of people and cops.
Or a hospital in it (who knows what they’re integrating into malls these