Well with all the episodes, and all the changings of tapes and such, the start
at midnight last night (23 hours ago) was fine, but we were only 2 episodes
into season 7 when I left. I got to see almost all that I went there to
see… that is everything 🙂 Only thing I missed out on was season 8, but
with season 7 and 8 being both 8 episodes and 4 hours long I decided I
couldn’t handle it. Not the lack of sleep, I’ll still be up late tonight
coding the things that didn’t get done Friday, but the fact I didn’t think
season 7 was that wonderful compared to the rest of it and sitting through 4
hours of non-wonderful Red Dwarf just doesn’t appeal to me. That and I didn’t
get a fucking thing I needed to done this weekend and finishing at 8am on a
sunday leaves me no time to do anything that needs to be done, much less the
shit that I just want to get done. So hopefully after about 12 hours
of sleep tonight I’ll get a chance to get some food into the house, clean
something, get laundry done, plus a host of other things that I don’t even
want to think about right now. Most of all sleep as I was getting quite
irritable towards the end, and wanting to kill whoever kept on saying “oh
that’s classic” 🙂 That and next time we do 32 hours of straight TV lets
start it sometime other than midnight after a long fscking day and only 5
hours of sleep k? I can do 40 hours of straight TV no problem, but 40 hours
starting after a long day is stretching it.

Sleep now. If anyone calls looking for me I’m not alive until sunday night or
monday morning.