I wanted to go for a work out this morning, I really really did,
however a night of configuration left me with the mindset that I might be
better to go after work.

That and the dreams.

I was at a british bording school, and they were trying to feed me milk for
breakfast. Except that the milk was 6%! I basically laid it out to the
person in charge there that this sucked and I wasn’t going to drink it, and in
fact was almost sick because I thought it had gone off. We finally struck a
deal and I wrote out a check. Not long after I was wondering through a museum
(they were doing restoration to the display pool, and the rest of it which had
been put in the wrong spot) and decided to buy a cell phone. I decided on a
CanTel Mike phone. They look really cool, however in reality
(well, my dream anyway) they sucked. Bad input (two) multiple screens, and
the numbers move around the buttons very oddly.

I’m wondering if when I write the story of my life I can include all these or
if that’ll move my book from the “People” section in the bookstores to
“Horror” 🙂

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