Two are always better than one.

Dual head rocks! I now have kernel 2.4.0-test8, framebuffer
optimized for Voodoo 3 and DRI modules, XFree 4.0.1 with dual heads
going. It’s schweeeet. Screenshots to follow RSN (when I get home and have a
chance to arrange something on my desktop that doesn’t consist of simply
viewing pr0n or something….

The only things that I’ve found that suck so far are that I still
can’t play quake 🙁 Just bails. Bah. GDM is broken too, but I have a
feeling that’s just a config change (though I don’t know where). Looks like
it’s executing the wrong command for the new X4. I’ve adjusted the second
monitor’s screen res to 1024×786… well, actually it’s 1024×1024, to match my
main monitor in virtual height. So I have to scroll a bit. Things start off
in the middle of the screen too, which is sometimes annoying. Windows
handles two monitors a bit better, starting everything on the main screen, as
normal, and letting you drag things over to the second one. I’d still take
this over windows any day though 🙂 Mucho thanks to Iambe for lending me her
(my? Squiz’s?) Matrox Millenium to use for the second video card too!

… and in dream news…

Vacation, downtown LA. I was there with a girlfriend, and my dad, and we went
to a bar/cafe for some reason. While waiting for dad (no idea where the GF
went to), and sitting in this dark, dank, grimy bar, I decided to order a
drink and a bite. As soon as I got it dad arrived and we chatted for a bit,
and then we left, saying how awsome the place was (live music and such… I
was tempted to step in with a maraca to help the girl singing “American Pie”
but decided not to emberass myself). Leaving the building we stopped because
a taxi was blocking our car from getting out. Looking around we heard voices
and suddenly a guy ran past us (we were off to the side peering in a window so
he didn’t notice I don’t think). I looked at him and said “He’s got a gun” as
sure enough (this was LA right) the guy had a huge automatic pistol. The dude
was followed closely by 4 or 5 security guards. In real life of course I
would have rushed into battle without hesitation cough, but in my dream I
took cover behind a table and a large pane of glass. We watched as the guy
proceeded to fight off the guards, even after one of them grabbed and twisted
his balls in a most painful looking manner. After that, for whatever reason
he stayed loose, perhaps taking a hostage, or demanding one? My GF (whom I
have no idea who it was) showed up and I was sure that when he demanded a
young woman as a hostage that it was going to be her he picked (even though I
was still cowering behind the table). For some reason though, he didn’t, and
there was much rejoicing.

So how was my weekend? Well, pretty crappy actually. Friday I came down with
a cold, so I basically had 2 days of sneezing, sniffing, and feeling like
crap. I’m feeling a bit better now (I think I passed the cold off to Engel),
but was woken up at 6am by a lovely headache (though part of it might have
been trying to remember the above dream!). Pitched the cat a couple of times
for licking a plastic bag too…. why does he do that?? For some reason my alarm got
louder too, I haven’t figured that one out yet. I had it on the “Annoying EHN!
EHN! EHN!” setting and when I went to hit snooze it got louder! I spent a
while trying to figure that one out (instead of just hitting snooze, but hey,
it’s the early morning) before finally getting up. I suppose drug’ll do me
well for today huh? That and fluids. Wonder if my mocha is considered a

Oh, and in other exciting news (as I run out the door), I got more
! Yes, I can extend my MTBL (mean time between laundry) by
3 whole days now! 6 if I turn them (surprisingly comfy Wal-Mart $4.98 boxers)
inside out. Ok, maybe not.