That done yet?

Something had to be done at the strip mall with the bookstore and laundry mat
that I went to for dinner with my folks. There was some wrong that had to be
righted. What and how to do it? Had some guy impersonate Jesus Christ to
piss off the Christians and use that as a diversionary tactic. I didn’t know
the gameplan (or if there was one) when I got down on one knee and said “Help
us Jesus, help us”. Not loud enough to be convincing (or noticeable) though,
because I didn’t know what was going on. In the end all was well however. I
was also able to take my laundry (which for some reason also included some
magazines of disreputable nature) to the dryer in the laundrymat a couple of
door down.

This is all happening after leaving the house with my parents (the house
happened to be our salesperson’s new house) and driving there. When we left I
had an apt-get upgrade going and was wondering where netscape went (I
determined it was killed off in the middle of the task-gnome upgrade). We
left the door open and I left the house with one shoe on. We walked to our
car a block down the road (north) and at that point I remembered I had to get
the laundry. Good thing too because the front door was wide open and I really
needed my other shoe. I did a handstand/handwalk of impressive magnitude to
keep my socks clean on the way back though.

And my cousin says I’m mad…. buahahahahahahahaha