Me ‘n Jackie Chan

Another up for your perusal and incredularity. No doubt influenced by my trip
with people to the Vancouver Fringe Festival yesterday.

I don’t remember a clear starting point, but I (while living at my parents
house), received a phone call and answered with a “what?”, to which the caller
said something and I said “who is this?” Man, Bruce Lee was pissed when he
heard that. I guess I’d forgotten he was living in Vancouver. I was (and
told him) how honored I was that he’d consider me a friend and call me on the

Iambe had just gotten a job down on node 36 or so (of Everything2) and a bunch of people
trucked on down there. There was a disturbance though, seems like node 35 had
been taken out recently. The people there were bad men. Jackie Chan showed
up and he and Bruce Lee were going to check things out. I figured the three
of us could handle it as (and I told this to them) we were some of the
most famous Kung-Fu fighters ever
. Myself less than Bruce and Jackie
of course, but…

Later there was a play of Romeo and Juliet that we watched, waiting in the
audience (though close to the stage) for something to happen. It was
interesting to watch as the play started out with R&J lying down in the water,
and me thinking “they should be more polished than this,” as they had no
announcement or whatnot. There was a big screen across the way, and we were
waiting for something to happen on that in the twighlight. No idea what, but
it never happened becuase my alarm went off.

Other disjointedness: A cat being shot at one point or another. A train
ride, still with Jackie Chan and/or Bruce Lee.

That’s about all that I can suck back from my fading memory. Kinda cool to be
a Kung-Fu master though, even if I never got to fight!