Well, today I attended the third auction I’ve been to. The first I was with
Cat5 looking for stereo equipment. He figured it’d go for cheap, it went for
expensive. The second one was helping Firefly get the bounty of her families
purchases of things worth lots more than what they paid for them.

This one was kinda a waste. Cat5, Firefly and I went. The auction was
from 11:30 to 6 or so, and I’m glad we went early. People were bidding
far to much on systems that they didn’t know what was in. A “Pentium i.i.i. cpu”
item was not quite that. In most cases they were a case with a motherboard,
and (if you were lucky), a cd or floppy drive. People who didn’t see this
ahead of time were bidding $500+ or more on these systems, thinking they were
going to get a Pentium III system! Fools! If it had been a full system they
would have gotten a good deal… course, I would have been bidding
on them at that point too. One guy is now the proud owner of a $225 empty
case. Empty. Buahahahahah. Oh, and don’t forget that all
prices have 10% buyer fee plus 14% gst/pst tacked on.

I did pick up a nice motherboard (the start of my new second system). Cat5
got some tables for LAN parties and Firefly picked up a chair. Still, when
you are paying more than retail price for a hard drive or DVD driver,
you really shouldn’t be there. But I guess the auction guys won in the end 🙂

Now I just more parts and I’ll have a nice gaming system that I can do my
windows stuff on if I need to, and have it there for game playing when people
come over!