An IDE will never rule over Vi and GCC

I just wanted to let you know that I was going to run tomorrow, but as it’s
10pm and I’m bagged, I’m not, and am going to get 9 hours of
sleep tonight! Muahahahahahahahahah!!!!

…. but before that I must share that my drive home with Engel and Tig
consisted largely of questioning things such as: What Jesus would do if he
came back to earth. We figured the modern day equivilant of a carpenter might
be (other than a carpenter) a construction worker, one of those guys who holds
the stop/slow sign (molding people to his will, protecting them from danger^Wevil,
reaching out to the common man). Would he wear birkenstock sandles or the
rubber flip-flop kind? Would he walk a lot? If not, what sort of car?
Sporty? Fuel efficient? Would he have $1,000 suits or would he shop at the
Salvation Army?

The questions are endless….

Of course, that’s all hypotetical, as we already have the SoG among us….