Jeff Foxworthy is my Hero


I dropped off my car today to get it’s bump fixed finally. They say they’ll
have it done by Thursday or Friday night (I’m guessing that they mean this
week, but I’m not sure). I told them that if a repeat of the last fiasco
where a 2 day fix turned into a 9 day fix I would be… “most dissapointed.”
The courtesy car that I got, while a Hyundia, didn’t totally suck. It had all
the instrumentation that one comes to expect from a car (unlike the last
loaner I had from a body shop which didn’t even have a tripmeter), power
everything, etc. I’m not sure where the clutch is yet though, it seems to
shift gears for me automatically, which I’m not sure I like or not. What is
my left foot supposted to do? How do I slow down around corners? Why do I
have no power and am afraid when trying to accelarate while going onto the

Just as a note. Never watch a movie that involves the police when you are
with someone who works for or with the police. All through Die Hard all I got was “the radio
calls aren’t like that,” “that is the dumbest Sargent I’ve ever seen,” “you’d
think the FBI wouldn’t be that stupid wouldn’t you,” “they don’t do that,” etc
etc etc…. Remind me to have people over for Cliffhanger one of these days….


So my wonderous and amazing plans laid out for last
didn’t all work out. Enough so that I didn’t
feel totally unproductive though. I’m back in C-land at work, jumping through
hoops I didn’t know existed to try to get the local IP of a system. 1 line in
perl, a whole lot more in C. Though my current line of thinking is leaning
towards a combination of uname() and gethostbyname().

Random link: http://www.catsarefrommars.

Some nice random weirdness happened last night. Somehow, over the ‘net my
cousin from across the country found me! Wh00p and wave if you’re
reading! I hope this page meets all your expectations
cough. Anyway, I’m pondering taking my holiday time and
heading on a cross country journey in not-the-worst-weather (before winter
that is) to visit the eastern ArcterFamily. That’ll be cool if I can pull it
off (fingers crossed).

Drink summary for today:

  • Mocha: 1
  • Coke: 2
  • Nestea: 1

In regards to my installation of Windows ME on Sunday, I’ll be
reviewing it officially RSN on (along
with a trashing of it’s website).

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