What color are the roads in your world?

There is something that exists, so wonderful and amazing, that I scarely know
how to contain myself! There is a device out there, a book really, sort of
like the Bible, but it comes every week. See, this
book is called a “TV Guide” and it allows you to see what is going to be on TV
before it’s actually on! You can use it to see what is on
later that evening and then watch it, without the randomness of clicking!

Oh happy day!

Ok, so I went to dinner at the folks and saw the TV guide and found I could
plan my entire evening. I’ve never gotten a TV guide since I moved out about
4 years ago simply because well, I don’t watch that much TV to begin with…
Anyway, tonight’s lineup includes Fierce Creatures at 8, and then Star Trek V at 10. Wow, to think
that such a small book would allow me to plan my evening of sitting on my

When I got up this morning (no dreams, sorry) I went for a run (“morning” in
this case means about 11:30am) and found a huge Sikh parade going
on. Later on, on my one journey into town for the simple but noble task of
retrieving cat litter for my little ‘uns (it was house cleaning day), I found
the festival going in full swing. Apparently there are no roads, cars or
dangerous things in India, as people were just walking lazily across the road,
apparently not caring that there were these car things that could smoosh you
quite easily. One kid of about 10 got almost hit about 3 times careening his
bike across a 4 lane road. Needless to say I resisted my urge to help
Darwinism. This time.

Mini-review: Windows ME. For some reason I decided to nuke my seldom-used
windows partition and install the latest in the windows series. Remember that
’98 was the end of the line right? Well, I guess they re-thought that and
ended up with ’98SE and ‘ME. Anyway, a relatively smooth install, except for
the pain to get it to install in the first place. “setup.exe /is” is your
friend if you get the “64k clusters, can’t continue” message. Only 2 reboots
in the install, there were far more installing my DVD driver, Voodoo 3 driver,
mouse driver…. So far so good, not that I use this POS operating system

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