Alarm clocks have few, if any, advantages.


I have come to realize that the last couple of days I’ve been a real bastard
around people, with short fuse and all, and for that I appologize. I’m
thinking that I’ll be in a much better mind when I either dissapear for a
while or get some rid of the things I’m packing around in my inbox.

Aside: See (below) what happens when I stay up late coding with pizza?

Aside2: Mozilla nightlys
really suck for simple rendering.


One of the advantages of using a single alarm method is I
can remember dreams like this:

I was down at Iambe’s parents McDonalds Restaraunt looking through a personals
service (not mine though) for a date.
There was noone there that I was interested in. I gave my free breakfast roll
to someone who looked like they needed it sitting near me. Just after (before?) that
a girl that I had seen in the personals ads came up to me and looked at me really
funny and I made some joke and she went away (luckily). I think I had talked to her IRL
earlier that day or something.

I went back to talk to Iambe’s brother NateFlex and a call from
Iambe comes in to him. NateFlex is playing Rouge Spear, so he hands the phone over
to me and she asks me if I know where you are supposed to cut for self-correcting
astigmatism. That’s what she said, but what she was doing was surgery on her tounge.
No idea how I knew this though.

She had cut all the way around the edge of it, and now was wanting to cut on
the inside of that (cut around the edge, lift up the flap and cut the inside
or something) to correct something. Nate didn’t seem to care he had found a
First Person Shooter strategy page on the net and was going through that, muttering
things like “so that’s how you do that”. I put Iambe on one line and called
out on another, looking through the phone book for the right number. I
couldn’t seem to decide between optimistrists, hospitals and dentists. After
talking to a dentists’ emergency number and a hospital person, who both
sounded very confused, well, at that point….

It was right about that point (I think) my alarm went off. Lucky for me.
Maybe less pizza late at night.

Single Alarm Method: only have one alarm to wake you up. I normally have
two, one set 15 minutes early which I merrily hit the snooze button on until
the second one (across the room which I have to get up to turn off) goes off.