And if we’re lost…

Well I figure if tig is going to keep
updating his journal, so shall I. Course, there’s not much activity out here.
I spent a few nights last week in the office late late late (2am fun!), but in
the end I think it was worth it. It’s nice to have that rush of it’s late but
I’m doing cool shit!. Of course, there’s also the advantage of me working
better at night (stop your snickering). Less people, dark outside, no
interupptions, just me and the ability to go into deep hack mode while working
on code. The code by the way, is done. I’m not totally proud of it and I’ll
probably go back sometime and make it more extensable and easier to read.
Right now if we add more stuff in it’ll be a PITA to update. Modularize,
modularize is what I’ve learned 🙂

Went out to see Legend of
Drunken Master
today with Tig and Keth and Pommie and Firefly. Awsome
movie, go see it. I will be seeing it again for sure.

The folks got back from Mexico (again) a few days ago and donated an awsome
colourful blanket to the cause of my ailing (borrowed) couch. Hopefully it
will prevent my ass from destroying more of the cusion 🙂

Argh. Dishes. Bah Bah Bah. Supper is good but dishes suck. Maybe they will
have dissapeared by tomorrow night. Or walked out by themselves, you never
know. I’d hate to loose my good saucepan though.

So much for going to bed early early. Tomorrow Never Dies was on TV so I
watched that tonight, and then vegged here for a bit, and now it’s almost
midnight so I think I’ll head for my 7 hours of sleep. I’m going back to the
two alarm method. It’s so much nicer (in a way) to be slowly dragged
from sleep than having to get up all at once. Work tomorrow on whatever bugs
and testing remain, and then tomorrow night perhaps I shall clean this place
up. I have to wash my one pair of jeans soon too.

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