That beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad, so I’ll have one more for dessert

I love Johnny Cash, I really do. His music may be a little old but with lines
like: “I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt”,
how can you not love him?

So what’s up lately? Busy busy busy. Looking forward to a vacation that is
permanently just around the corner. It seems that others at work are going
away all the time, but I don’t. So why not? I’m not that important,
and I’m sure I could afford to head to [someplace] for a few days. Not sure
what I’d do there though. We moved out company name over to Merilus and made a release of our product
the other day. Some minor bugs that are going to be fixed tomorrow (if all
goes well). The car is running well, all my friends are (in general) fine.
We got another one in the nexus, this one from Kentucky as well. Welcome to
the fold fozbaca (your quake-fu will

I had a dream two nights ago that was quite disturbing in a
non-haha-disturbing way. I was driving down the road and saw kids picking
cats up off the side of the road and throwing them into traffic. I screamed
out as if I was in pain myself and hit the gas while turning the car towards
them with the full intention of running them down. I woke up with a start
right after that. Luckily, I hit the pillow again soon after that and had a
decent sleep (probably not in amount, but in peacefulness).

Perhaps this is what it’s like to lose it.

Tonight I hit the gym with Cat5. I had to bail on tuesday due to …
something else (no idea what) and went last night instead. Mein ghot that
hurt! I came out and sat in the car hoping not to puke or pass out, and then
just laid on the couch praying for death. Guess I gotta go more often or
something. I’m not sure if it’s doing anything but at least it feels good to
be getting out somehow. Now what I need is to find a badminton club
or similar…. that’d be nice to get back into, as I used to be decent when I
went with my dad to his badminton club years ago. I should write my Granny
too. I should do a lot of things, but not everything is get-toable right away
(and others are just illegal).

Hmm… what do you do with 10 year old fireworks/crackers? Do I know anyone
who I really don’t like? So many questions unanswered….