My feets were feeling GOOD!

I’m pleased to say the great sock experiment mentioned earlier was an
astounding success. Laundry (and chore) day (saturday) was almost bearable,
as I dumped my laundry on the bed, and simply picked up 2, assured (as I was
that the sun would rise in the sky the next morning and that the day would
suck) that they would match.

Kudos to Iambe and friends for a great thanksgiving (why do we have it

I came across quite possibly the lamest show on TV. Going head to head with
Dark Angel (pah! like it has a
chance anyway), it’s called “Sheena” or something like that. Basically you’re
supposed to believe a buxen blonde, with perfectly applied mascara et all,
with the ability to transform herself into a leapard (or perhaps any animal she
wants, but who cares, I mean, really) at will, lives in the deep jungle or
something. Surrounded by what looks like a typical african village, with an
African lady who didn’t look out of place who is supposed other of the last
two of these special peoples…. well, thats about all I got from the 20 or so
seconds that I managed to stomach in a commerical break.

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