Persistance is Futile.

Well, I’m sure the morning news from Washington (the one out here) will show
it differently, but I have some results from the Govererns debate for you
here. Why the hell are you watching that crap you may ask? Well, the answer
probably won’t surprise you.

I’m a cynic.

The only reason I’m watching a debate between two people that will have
approximatly 0% affect on me is the same reason I watch political ads. I
think all polititians are crooks, liers and backstabbers, and the ads that
they put on TV show me I’m right 🙂

The contestants (cause you know that that is what they really are): Gov. Locke
and Gov. Carlson.

The results:

Amount of the two minutes of opening statements spent slamming their


Amount of time responding to the actual question asked during the question


Approximate amount of time spent looking at the person to whom you are responding:


% of relevance in answer to question:


Amount of time the responses sounded scripted and human.


Number of times the phrase “We are number one in going from
welfare to work” was sputtered out by Locke.

15 in the first half hour

Amount of the 30s rebuttle time spent slamming their opponent.


Amount of moving blame to previous governments, Washington (the other one,
where things actually matter), or other factors.

Any time something bad or insufficient about them is pointed out.

“The issue is very complex.”


References to “Initiatives” or “Plans”.

Far too many.

% Bullshit in answers


Amount of time spent refering to their opponent in the 3rd person (“What
Mr. Locke thinks…” “It appears that Mr. Carlson believes…”):


Time spent not looking like they have a pole stuck up their ass while the
camera is not directly on them.


“Coincidental” and “relevant, really it is” stories reminding everyone
he’s a pastor and is a good God-Fearing Man.

1 by Mr. Carlson.

(I’m guessing that this means he stepped in a church

Smarmy remarks to their opponent (“Wow Mr. Locke, you’re supporting
recommendations and they haven’t even come out”).


Reminding the public that if the vote the other one they’ll wait another 4
years to see any action.


Displays of lack of knowledge of BC geography.


Corrections of “mis-statements, which I don’t believe were unintentional”
(“that mean man lied about me daddy!”)


Amount of backtracking as to what they are supporting versus what they are
saying (or at least according to their opponent)


References to an “esctatic press release” (WTF???)


Amount of 2m time spent slamming their opponent in their closing statements:


See what I mean? Hell, even I can do that!