Do you ever wonder what gives you a soul? Or how?

In preparation for a nutso week of coding next week, I hacked up a little doc
that I thought other people might find useful with little tips and tricks for
C programming. It’ll be updated as more things come to my attention. For now
it’s at

So what else is new. I have a free weekend that I plan to spend doing not
much of anything.. maybe grab a movie or two, read a book or two, keep various
things upated… Mom made it back from her class reunion and had a great time
so that’ll be neat to hear about at dinner on sunday. I’m almost looking
forward to my class reunion. Just to see where people ended up… how many
have to say “would you like fries with that” for a living (muahahahaha… I
hope the jocks that picked on me in high school are in that position).
Course, as coder and computer guy, now all the womens that rejected me in high
school will want me and I’ll get to reject them and laugh in their faces!

Ok, so that’s just a little fantasy of mine, but you never know…

For some of you I know haven’t read the Hellmouth series,
written after the Columbine killings. They are a very powerful piece of
writing, as are the comments that go with them. Read (you know who you are).

Oh, and if you’re running Debian unstable,
they are integrating X4, Perl 5.6, and a wack of other things, so it’s
probably not recommended to reboot for a few days. Keep an eye on the topic
of #debian on (or for updates.