Mondays can happen on any day of the week


Got out of the gym with Cat5 this evening and as I’m exiting the doors a
fucking bottle rocket rips past my head. Some little dickhead (or 2) decided
that shooting bottle rockets around a corner at the door would be a Good Idea.
I was (rightfully) pissed and yelled and ran, and the little fuckheads
standing around moved their eyes down and avoided eye contact with this no-fun
grownup who yelling at them. Man, adults. No fun at all.

Anyway, Cat5 calls 911 and reports the 100 or so kids milling around in the
parking lot and soccer field shotting off firecrackers and fireworks. I felt
better. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing about fireworks or
firecrackers, hell, I still have a bag of mighty-mites and piccilo pete’s from
high school sitting in my closet, it’s when you have one fly past your head
and miss you by a few feet that I don’t like.


Oh, and on an aside, my leaking-like-a-bullet-riddled-coupe-de-ville program
that kicked my in the nuts today by letting me fix all it’s show-stopper bugs,
but deciding that it’s fun to grow from 800 bytes to 18Mb+, then crash…. well,
I run it tonight after Dark Angel and it decides to work
perfectly! Running for about 15 min and only taking up 928 bytes! WTF? I’m
almost afraid to stop/restart it in case it’s just my fried brain playing
tricks on me.


Nope. Starts at 844, login makes it go to 860, info transfer to 924.
Wiiieeerdd…….. I’m not complaining though 🙂


Mondays suck. Mondays suck even more if you forget to reset one of your
alarms and are jolted out of bed at 6am (instead of 7am) by that
EEEEH! EEEEH! EEEEH EEEEH! noise that only the most well
designed (for getting you to them to turn them off that is) alarm clocks
produce. Luckily I was able to find said alarm, reset the time, reset the
alarm time (which was reset in my sleepy groping of it’s minute little dials
and levers) and get back to sleep for that precious hour.

Course, now I get up in the sun (or rather, rain) but at 5:30 it’s pitch
black. Gotta love it.

Mom, you’ll be happy to know I’m eating more fruits and vegetables these days.
<pause to munch on canned pears>

Got fed up with some programming stuff yesturday and threw some out, and went
a totally different direction. I’m pretty sure that this way it’ll be done
well, this morning, instead of after endless backtracing and debugging (though
gdb does rock). Then I can have time to do far more intesting things. I have
a couple of projects outside work that I’d like to do some work on too. One
is an improved search engine type dealie (details to follow) another a little
nslookup gtk/gnome app. Course, there is always the conversion of to a slash code site, the rewritting of and a host of other
things that I’m sure are pressing. That and I have a huge number of books
waiting for me, including Diamond Age, the Linux Kernel Book, C Elements of
Style, Microserfs (again), Cryptonomicron, GTK/Gnome Application Delevopment,
and the Blender manual (hmm…. if I got a
blender I could make margaritas too).

Took Friday off, that was nice. No one around, nothing to do. I think I was
half dressed by 3pm, and able to deal with people around 5 or 6.
Very relaxing, I shall have to do it again RSN. My big project last
weekend was organizing my bookmarks, which I did admirably. I lost one
section somewhere (linux->gaming) and have to add an Arts->movies (for
things like, but other
than that I’m quite happy. I still have to deal with a couple of major design
issues, such as these days everything is going in the personal
toolbar, which sort of defeats the purpose. Only things that are commonly
accessed (and IMHO more than once a day) should go there. The rest should be
in a say, Common folder so that no sites on the morning surfing run are left